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  • Irresistibly Risky: Special Edition

Irresistibly Risky: Special Edition


Picture this: You just won the Super Bowl. You’re out on the town celebrating with your teammates and best friends. And the cherry on top? You meet the sexiest woman you’ve ever seen.

Best. Night. Ever.

That is until things get going and you discover you’re suffering from a first-ever case of…performance issues.

Before you can even get a fix on your problem, *Poof* she’s gone and that’s the end of that.

Game over.

Or so I thought.

Turns out, that woman I met two years ago isn’t just some random woman from a club.

She’s my team's new doctor.

As if that’s not already a penalty against me, she wants nothing to do with me now that she knows who I am.

But after our first go didn’t, well, go, I’m determined to prove myself and win a second chance with the woman I haven’t been able to stop thinking about.

Especially when she hits me with the biggest surprise of my life.

I know this new game is risky. That it could cost me everything I’ve worked impossibly hard to build for myself. Yet something tells me going up against this irresistible woman is worth the risk.

And I’m ready to play my heart out.

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