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Las Vegas Sin Series


Touching Sin

I know she’s lying the moment I see her.
That her name is as fake as her story.
I found her broken down on the road to nowhere. 
Lost. Homeless. 
Scared out of her mind.
But when our eyes meet, I no longer care about her past. Or the people after her. 
She’s put my entire world at risk. 
My reputation. My business. My livelihood.

She is the last thing I need. And everything I can’t resist. 
Because Mia brought me back to life.
And I will do anything to save hers... 

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Catching Sin

The moment our eyes meet, I know he’s trouble.
The sort of dangerous girls are warned to stay away from. 
The kind of sexy, arrogant, strong, and brave you can’t help but desire anyway. 
Only…by the time Maddox Sinclair walks into my life, it’s too late. 
I’m under the thumb of Vegas’ most notorious devil. 
That doesn’t stop Maddox from making promises even my tattered heart can’t refuse. 
Or from risking his whole world for the girl he shouldn't fight for. 
Because my devil isn’t so easily thwarted. 
He started this game with a master plan–one that makes me his ultimate pawn.
Deals have been made. Lives are at stake.
And when he finally comes for me, there is no escape...

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Darkest Sin

I have an ex I can't escape.
After shooting me in the arm he told me to run or he’d kill everyone I ever loved. And then he’d kill me. 
Years later, he’s made good on that promise. I’m the only one left. 
He’s got his sights set on finding me, and my options on places to hide are quickly running out. 
Until I meet a gorgeous assassin with an agenda of his own...putting not only my life, but my heart in danger. 
With piercing green eyes and irresistible confidence, Gavin tells me not to be afraid. Promises he’s on my side. Swears he’s here to protect me instead of doing what he does best…kill. 
The desire to trust him is tempting. The passion between us, even more so. 
But when everything I thought I knew is suddenly flipped upside down, and all that’s dangerous and forbidden comes to light, I have to make a choice. 
Continue to run and hide… 
Or risk it all, including the man who somehow captured my heart.

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