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Suggested Reading Order

Reading Order By Series: Each book in every series is a stand-alone with interconnected characters. You do NOT have to read them in order. Below is a PUBLISHING order. The only books I might suggest reading in order are The Edge series into the Boston's Billionaire Bachelors series and then the Irresistibly Yours series, but it is NOT necessary at all! Plenty of people jump around without being lost or missing anything. 

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Start Again Series: Emotional Contemporary Romance - Kindle Unlimited 

Start Again (Ryan and Kate)

Start over (Luke and Ivy)

Start With Me (Kyle and Claire)

Las Vegas Sin: Darker romantic suspense - Kindle Unlimited 

Touching Sin (Jake and Mia/Fiona)

Catching Sin (Maddox and Isabel)

Darkest Sin (Gavin and Emma)

*Jake and Claire from Start Again series appear in Touching Sin. Not necessary to read their stories first. 

*Luke from Start Again series appears in both Catching Sin and Darkest Sin. Not necessary to read their stories first. 

* Surrender (Standalone full-length book in Corinne Michaels' Salvation Society World) Featuring Kellen (from Darkest Sin) and Alanna. Carter Fritz (Doctor Mistake) appears in this story and takes place after Darkest Sin but before Doctor Mistake. 

Wild Love Series: Rock Stars - Kindle Unlimited

Reckless to Love You (Jameson and Lyric) More of a prequel to the series. 

Love to Hate Her (Jasper and Viola)

Crazy to Love You (Gus and Naomi)

Love to Tempt You (Keith and Maia)

Promise to Love You (Henry and Eden)

The Edge Series: Medical Romance - Kindle Unlimited

The Edge of Temptation (Jonah and Halle)

The Edge of Forever (Wes and Aria)

The Edge of Reason (Drew and Margot)

The Edge of Chaos (Brecken and Rina)​

* Timeline for this series is before Boston's Billionaire Bachelors series 

* Just One Kiss - (Christmas standalone novella) - features Miles and London and has Rina in it. Miles and London also appear in The Edge of Chaos

* Oliver from Doctor Scandalous is in The Edge of Temptation

* All of the Fritz brothers from Boston's Billionaire Bachelors series including Oliver, Carter, Landon, Luca, and Kaplan appear in The Edge of Chaos. 

Boston's Billionaire Bachelors Series: Medical Romance - Kindle Unlimited 

Doctor Scandalous (Oliver and Amelia)

Doctor Mistake (Carter and Grace)

Doctor Heartless (Landon and Elle)

Doctor Playboy (Luca and Raven)

Doctor Untouchable (Kaplan and Bianca)

*Timeline is after The Edge Series and Wild Love series ​

* Rina and Brecken from The Edge series (primarily The Edge of Chaos) are main side characters in this series and their HEA is continued.

* Characters from The Edge series and Wild Love series make appearances in this series. 

Irresistibly Yours Series: Mixed Genre/Trope including Billionaire, Rock Star and Medical

Irresistibly Broken (Zax and Aurelia)

Irresistibly Perfect (Greyson and Fallon)

Irresistibly Wild (Callan and Layla)

Irresistibly Risky (Asher and Wynter)

Irresistibly Dangerous (Lenox and Georgia)

*Timeline is after the Boston's Billionaire Bachelors, The Edges and Wild Love series

*Several of the Boston's Billionaire Bachelors series characters appear in this series, especially in Irresistibly Wild as the FMC Layla the younger sister of Amelia and was a teenager in Doctor Scandalous.

* Characters from An Irish Rockstar for Christmas which is a holiday standalone novella appear in Irresistibly Perfect.  

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