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Have a baby with my new boss? Not exactly what I had in mind when I decided I wanted to try to get pregnant.

But that’s exactly the situation I find myself in with Dr. Bennett Lawson.

The ridiculously gorgeous, broody billionaire I kissed years ago is asking to have a baby with me.

We both have our reasons for wanting this and with our ugly pasts, it’s an undeniably convenient arrangement.

No love. No relationship. Strictly business.

Now I’m living with him and pretending every searing touch, whispered word, and moaned breath is all in the name of our contract and nothing more.

Even as it becomes harder to keep our hands to ourselves and our feelings separate.

But when that stick shines with two pink lines, we both know what we've grown addicted to has to stop.

Except what happens when everything starts to fall apart and what we promised would never happen becomes the one thing we can no longer live without?

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Doctor Scandalous:  The heart is resilient, but it’s not indestructible. Once it’s broken, it never reforms to its original state. There is always a scar left behind. Even when it fades, it’s never fully gone.

Irresistibly Broken: “You’re not an except. You’re not a but. You’re not a however. You’re an addiction I don’t know how to claim or conquer.” My eyes close at his words, my heart lurching in my chest. “I have never wanted anyone the way I want you, Aurelia, and that’s what’s hurting my soul.” 


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