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An Irish Rockstar for Christmas

They say there is no place worse to be during the holidays than the airport. When my flight is delayed due to weather up north, I start to agree.

That is until a sexy Irishman with an accent that makes my panties melt and a smirk that makes me blush sits down across from me in the bar I'm killing time in.

We start with drinks and a game of truth and I quickly learn why our waitress and every other person in the bar can't take their eyes off him.

Turns out, my sexy Irishman is a famous rockstar. But it's the man I can't seem to get enough of and don't want to say goodbye to.

Lucky for both of us, we're on the same flight. And after driving me home, I convince him to stay the night at my parents' house so he doesn't have to drive to Boston in the snow. Plus, he has no family of his own to spend the holidays with.

Only... when we step inside, I'm hit with an unexpected and unwanted blast from my past.

My ex-boyfriend has decided to come home with my brother, his best friend, and spend Christmas trying to win me back.

So what does my sexy Irishman do when he thinks there might be some competition? He tells everyone he's my new boyfriend.

And that's only the beginning of our Christmas fiasco.

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